The Community Care Collaborative


The Community Care Collaborative (CCC) is Travis County’s new integrated delivery system, a multi-institutional, multi- provider system of healthcare envisioned to provide a coordinated continuum of services to a defined patient population.

Through the CCC, healthcare providers in Travis County will join together to provide patient centered care through a “no wrong door” approach. Wherever a current or eligible patient presents for care, be it the emergency room, community clinic or elsewhere, the system will provide care and navigation services to ensure that individuals receive appropriate levels of services and are connected to a medical home. The system will have a coordinated continuum of services that is easily navigated by and feels seamless to the patient.

Goal of the Community Care Collaborative

The overarching goal of the CCC is to provide high quality, cost effective, patient centered care that improves health outcomes through expanded care coordination, types of care, and patient management.

Patient Population

The CCC will manage the care of Travis County residents who are uninsured, living at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, and who qualify for services.

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This system of care will incorporate new capabilities and services that shift from a focus of treating illness to emphasizing the prevention of illness, management of chronic diseases and the promotion of health. This more effective system will support collaboration among providers, care managers and navigators who will work in partnership with the patient toward a shared goal of improved health.